18 Aug

My very own art space is now alive!

For quite some time I've been thinking about one place to collect all my recent projects, social links, shop information and updates.

I don't have any expectations or particular goals, I'm just happy that I managed to put together my art home!

A few things here that might interest you: 

>> Check out some of my work in the 'Portfolio' section.

>> Check out my work on popular platforms like Behance, Artstation and Instagram. Links in 'Find me on' section.

>> If you are interested in acquiring a high quality copy of my work, please check my art print shops in the 'Shop' section for availability. 

>> If you have questions about future or past projects, feel free to send your questions through the form in 'Contact me' section.

You can also find links to my Youtube channel and my Patreon page. Currently they are a bit underdeveloped, but I plan to put more time into these two and become interesting sources of information about my work process and me.

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That's it for now!
Cheers to my new art home!